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My Latest Writing

Is the world really a mess right now? I’ve heard that phrase a lot in the past months. Most of the doom and gloom comments about the current state of our world have come off the back of Trump’s inauguration and his first few months in the oval office. Is the world really as messy as the naysayers are reporting? (read more...)
I’ve heard it in kitchens, in cafes, restaurants and even board rooms – that notion that it will be women who change the world. We, who are the bearers of life, will apparently be the ones to fight for its survival. I’ve often wondered how, when even now in the 21st century the glass ceiling for women is still very much in place and we’re still fighting for equal representation and equal pay in politics, corporates and entertainment. And then this past weekend I get to see and feel how.  (read more...)
2017 has just started and like the first week of every New Year, resolutions, goals, ambitions and dreams get a lot of attention. Parks and beach side spots have a few extra bodies doing various forms of exercises. Diets are overhauled and fridges get stacked with healthier options. Nature walks and hikes begin again in earnest. Success and prosperity workshops and classes have high rates of enrollment. We’re all on a mission to make this year the best one we’ve ever had. So why don’t we? (read more...)

My 1st Book - Chocolate and Vanilla

Wendy Alexander was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She spent the first 20 years of her life growing up in a culture segregated by racial discrimination and hatred. The experience in South Africa left her with many unanswered questions about human behaviour and human relations. Her passion for advocating cultural integration and diversity stemmed from her earlier experiences growing up in the era of Apartheid as a woman of colour.

One of the ways she coped with her challenging experiences in South Africa was to escape into the world of literature. She has been a keen writer since early childhood, mostly writing poetry about her life’s experiences.

Her first book “Chocolate and Vanilla” combines her two passions – writing and promoting cultural diversity and racial harmony. In “Chocolate and Vanilla”, Wendy describes her struggle through a lifetime of racial hatred and discrimination.

Her raw and often gritty tale gives the reader an insight into the very real pain she experienced in an environment tainted with bigotry, prejudice and hatred. Her willingness to embark on a journey of healing provides hope to all who have experienced injustice in this world.

My 2nd Book - Dances With My Father

It’s sobering how the word cancer brings a fiercely busy, non-negotiable schedule to a grinding halt.

We all hope and pray cancer won’t come knocking at our door, but cancer doesn’t discriminate and doesn’t care if we’re too busy to deal with it.

On top of a busy life and full time work, single mum, Wendy must deal with her father’s illness. She’s not ready to accept her father’s mortality; especially not when he’s been the epitome of health and strength.

Grasping for answers she journeys inward using a familiar tool – her writing – which has been her constant counsel throughout her life. A self-imposed 30-day deadline adds urgency for her to document ‘the stuff’ that plagues her thoughts and weighs heavily on her spirit. She’s yet to dance with her father at her wedding (since she’s never married) and this is a pill she cannot swallow. So she starts to dance with her father through her memories of his life and relationship with him.

The discovery of an ‘ordinary man’ who did every day things in extraordinary ways and thus contributed to his family, friends and community in profound ways helps her realize that a life well lived can and always will outshine the doom of death’s clutches.

Dances with my father is a heart-warming tribute to an ordinary yet remarkable man.

A man who has passed on life’s great lessons to his headstrong daughter and whose greatest legacy to his loved ones is to live life his way, on his terms and without apology.

It is a tender account of a father-daughter relationship with all its challenges and triumphs and ultimately bonded in a deep and respectful love.